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Charity Begins at Home

we are passionate about giving back to the wider community and philanthropic activities began by the donating meals to the homeless people of Happy Valley in Caloundra. This type of project is something that the team would wish to emulate at The Engine Room Cafe and Bar. In addition to a meals program, we anticipate the possibility for scholarship and traineeship opportunities that may be offered to homeless people within the Brisbane City who display their interest in lifting themselves up and into a new life. We recognise that communities are diverse and that some employment applicants may not necessarily have previous experience in food and beverage service. However, they may overwhelmingly possess the first priority criteria. For this reason, we would encourage a traineeship / scholarship arrangement for those who may not be given a chance in other establishments, such as youth, economically disadvantaged, Indigenous, or those new to the Teneriffe community. We will allow for such staff to be taken on in a mentored capacity working alongside more experienced members of staff until their skill levels are on par with our standards. We would also like to express our interest in working closely with the Brisbane City Council to develop a scholarship training program, or as appropriate, to offer our support within a pre-existing program such as the Local Government Grants and Subsidies Program.

A Humanitarian Approach

➔ Provide employment opportunities to hundreds of people from all cultures and all walks of life.

➔ Continue to expand his philanthropic assistance via the Uniting Hands Foundation, both locally and internationally.

➔ Encourage and facilitate other driven young people to build their skill base in their chosen field.

➔ Celebrate and encourage diversity and multiculturalism in all industries.

It is the intention of this proposal to put forward the Uniting Hands Foundation as the not- for-profit operator of the Engine Room Cafe and 88Fortyeight Cafe . A strong and highly experienced management team has been formed and all infrastructure is now in place to continue fundraising efforts and provide exceptional service via the operating premises governed by UHF. Key points about The Uniting Hands Foundation:

➔ In operation since 2010

➔ Became a registered ACNC organisation within Australia in June 2016 .

➔ Is the owner in Trust of newly launched 88 Forty Eight cafe and The Engine Room located in Brisbane City.

➔ A minimum 10% of net profit from 88Fortyeight cafe and The Engine Room cafe , is donated to the charity .

➔ Currently, proceeds of UHF have been distributed locally on the Sunshine Coast within local and Nepalese community and helping various sectors in Nepal including earthquake victims.

Food For the Homeless – Sunshine Coast & Brisbane

➔ Collaborated with the Sunshine Coast Baptist Church to feed the homeless people of Happy Valley in Caloundra. UHF cooked and meals for the homeless in Mr Pyashi’s first restaurant, Gurkhali Nepalese Restaurant. Over the two years of the program, Mr Pyashi’s chefs cooked and delivered dinner every Friday - over 2500 meals were served.

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